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August 24, 2023

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In an era where every digital move seems to leave a trace, the quest for online Privacy has become a paramount concern for users.

As we navigate the vast expanse of the internet, our search queries can often be akin to opening our thoughts to the world. 

However, a major concern in this digital age is the rise in demand for privacy-focused search engines. 

What is meant by the Privacy of your Personal data?

Privacy-focused search engines are specialized search platforms that prioritize and keep safe and secure user privacy and data.

Unlike mainstream search engines that often track user activities, collect personal information, and display personalized ads, privacy-focused search engines aim to minimize data collection.

It retains anonymousness and provides search results without revealing the identity of users and compromising individual Privacy.

Top 13 Privacy Search Engine Alternatives To Google

These search platforms are more than just alternatives to the giants that dominate the online landscape; they’re champions of confidentiality, soldiers of secrecy, and gatekeepers of your data. 

Let’s dive into a digital space to explore the realm of privacy-focused search engines, unveiling their mechanisms, missions, and the invaluable protection they offer those seeking a more private and secure online experience.

1- DuckDuckGo

The first on the list of top alternatives to the Google search engine is DuckDuckGo, which offers users a seamless privacy-protected platfrom for free.

It lets you search and browse just like Google but without tracking your searching and browsing data. It offers extensions, all by default that block every company trying to track and reach your data.

You can use it to get more Privacy, web transparency, and browsing cleaning on Android, Mac, and iOS devices.

Privacy Highlights

  • It offers powerful trackers that evade and block any tracking from companies like Facebook and Google.
  • You can get email protection as it searches and eliminate any security risk before the email reaches your inbox.
  • This search engine gives you spying control and blocks any entity trying to spy on your location. 
  •  It provides more intelligent encryption, automatically upgrading to secure website connection when possible. 

2- Qwant

If you believe your data must stay safe from being hacked, manipulated, and changed without knowing, then you must use a search engine like Qwant to ensure safe and secure browsing.

It is designed to cater to the Privacy and safety needs of people of all age groups differently. It ensures to allow browsing without tracking and selling your data to anyone.

However, Qwant only tracks and collects your IP address to detect and deal with fraudulent activity.

Feature Highlights 

  • Qwant does not track advertising and keeps safe your personal data.
  • You can customize it for your children to keep them safe from malicious data.
  • Provides excellent map and navigation services without tracking and following you anywhere. 
  • It integrates with Bing and has its own crawling and indexing algorithms for rankings.

3- Brave Search

Brave Search is a search engine for people who wants to have the same searching experience as on Chrome and other top search engine but with more control over the security and privacy of their data. 

Its interface is easy to understand and has separate sections to help users solve queries and see what other users discuss in the discussion tab.  

It claims to operate 3 times faster than other search engines with a better privacy protection policy for all from desktop to mobile devices.

Feature Highlights

  • Braveshare does not track and collect to save your data from sharing, selling, and losing.
  • It uses transparent algorithms and its own search index with diverse ranking methods.
  • It uses powerful ad and cookie tracking blockers to fasten page loading speed and save battery.
  • It protects against bounce tracking, malware, phishing, and cross-site trackers. 

4- Bing

Bing, owned by Microsoft, is a popular search engine that provides users with various search features while addressing security and privacy concerns. 

While Bing does prioritize security and Privacy, users should remain cautious and review privacy settings to ensure they align with their preferences. 

It’s essential to stay informed about privacy features is a crucial step in maintaining online security.

Feature Highlights

  • Bing emphasizes user privacy through its privacy dashboard, allowing users to manage their search history, location data, and ad settings. 
  • Bing’s voice search feature, used through Microsoft’s Cortana, employs encryption to protect the Privacy of users’ voice interactions with the digital assistant.
  • Microsoft publishes transparency reports that outline the number of data requests it receives from government authorities. 
  • Microsoft and Bing regularly update their security and privacy features based on user feedback and emerging threats. 

5- Startpage

Startpage is the best replacement and initiative to counter the carbon footprint of Google search engines, excluding tracking, sharing, sharing, selling, and storing user data.

The privacy policy of this search engine aligns and falls with GDPR, a European Union regulation on Information privacy. 

It provides control over searching, protects user privacy, and harnesses the power of other top Search engines to provide exclusive search results. 

Feature Highlights

  • You can easily make all your online activities secure and safe using its anonymous feature for free.
  • Shows Google search results through its data protecting technology.
  • It does not create user profile data and removes IP addresses from servers.
  • Provides news that is not based on user searching behavior. 

6- MetaGer

MetaGer is a metasearch engine, which means it brings search results from various sources, including search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and its index. This approach helps provide diverse search results while maintaining user privacy.

MetaGer is designed to prioritize user privacy but still stores the user’s personal information and IP addresses.

Feature Highlights

  • It doesn’t track your searches, create profiles, or accept payment for search result rankings. 
  • MetaGer is also known for its “Green Search” feature. Every search you make contributes a small portion to environmental projects.
  • Have advanced search features and an anonymous proxy option.
  • MetaGer offers a Tor exit node that makes it accessible even in regions with internet censorship or restrictions.


Swisscows’ search engine emphasizes both Privacy and family friendliness. It doesn’t store personal data; its search results are powered by a semantic database, ensuring relevant and secure content.

It treats each user as a guest and does not apply any tracking and profile creating technologies on them.

Feature Highlights

  • It does not track or store user searches, ensuring complete anonymity. 
  • Swisscows filters out unfit content and uses semantic search technology for accurate results.
  • It also offers a visual search feature and does not track location.
  • Swisscows is a unique alternative to mainstream search engines, committed to Privacy and a user-friendly interface.

8- Kagi

Kagi prioritizes user privacy by not tracking or storing personal information, search history, or IP addresses. It helps ensure that your online activities remain confidential.

The search engine employs safe search filtering to provide search results that are not intended to influence you in any way.

It requires your subscription to let you use all its features for maintaining a high-quality search index to ensure that users receive relevant and accurate search results. 

Feature Highlights

  • Kagi claims to be 100% free from ads and any tracking.
  • Have own search index raised from the search results of other best search engines. 
  • Users have the authority to mute or prefer websites and can customize the looks of Kagi.
  • Gives faster results without using Javascript

9- Whoogle

Whoogle is a self-hosted, privacy-focused search engine interface that utilizes Google’s search results without the tracking and data collection typically associated with using Google directly. 

Users can customize their Whoogle instance to suit their preferences, including choosing their preferred region for search results and personalizing the user interface.

Created with privacy concerns in mind, Whoogle aims to provide users with the search capabilities they need while preserving their online anonymity. 

Feature Highlights

  • It prevents Google from directly tracking and associating user searches with specific individuals.
  • Users can set up and host their instance of Whoogle, giving them greater control over their search experience.
  • Whoogle queries Google’s search results on behalf of the user, preventing Google from directly connecting search queries to individual users.
  • Whoogle is open source, meaning the code is publicly available for inspection and modification. 

10- Presearch 

Suppose you are looking to earn cryptocurrency from an online platform while maintaining and controlling your private data. 

In that case, Presearch is the right search engine for you to enter the world of cryptocurrency that is secure and safe. 

It focuses on blockchain technology and operates as a decentralized search engine that uses PRE taken to take care of the Privacy of your data during indexing and crawling done by Google.

Features Highlight

  • If its results are not convincing, it can link you to other search engines through shortcuts.
  • Performing every search using Presearch as a search engine will give you PRE tokens to bid on keywords and bring traffic to your website.
  • It offers users search choices and active personalization to have control over personal data and search.
  • Provides you with a Presearch Community similar to Wikipedia for superior results and censorship resistance. 


Mojeek is a privacy-focused search engine that stands out for its commitment to user safety and security. 

Mojeek prides itself on its independence and unbiased search results. It indexes the web while maintaining your identity hidden and does not track your online activities.

Its commitment to not tracking, profiling, or storing user data, coupled with safe search filtering and transparency, creates a search experience emphasizing Privacy and protection for its users.

Feature Highlights

  • Mojeek refrains from creating user profiles or employing tracking mechanisms to personalize search results or advertisements. 
  • The search engine shows transparency by providing details about how it handles user data. 
  • Mojeek search engine doesn’t prioritize advertisers or specific interests. 
  • Mojeek complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European data protection regulation that enhances user privacy rights and data security.

12- Yippy

Yippy, formerly Clusty, is a distinctive metasearch engine that groups search results into clusters, offering an organized content view. 

Its visual layout helps users quickly grasp relevant themes. Yippy provides safe search options for family-friendly results and doesn’t extensively track user personal data. 

It’s a preferred tool for research, offering a unique approach to exploring search results while emphasizing safety and Privacy.

Feature Highlights

  • The clusters are presented in a visual overview that lets users grasp the broader context of search results at a glance. 
  • Yippy offers a family-friendly search option that filters out explicit content and ensures a safer search experience for users of all ages.
  • Yippy features a “Search Cloud” that displays trending and popular search terms.
  • Yippy does not extensively tracks user data for personalization.

13- Ecosia

An initiative was taken to counter Google’s carbon footprint with an alternative eco-friendly search engine under the name Ecosia. 

It collaborates with Bing to show you search results and advertisements.

When it collaborates with Microsoft, it only shares your IP address, search term, and country for language assistance and keeps your identity anonymous.

Highlight Features

  • It only shows ads relevant to your search activity. 
  • A better eco-friendly search engine as it donates over 80% of its revenue to tree plantation.
  • Claim to have its analytical system without involving any third party.
  • It offers the best privacy-protected solutions for searching but, in exchange, requires you to support its ecosystem program.

Final Thoughts

Privacy-focused search engines do not track users’ search queries, browsing history, or personal data. They reduce the risk of data breaches by avoiding creating a user profile.

These engines avoid using your search history to display personalized advertisements. Instead, they show relevant search results without sacrificing your Privacy and safety.

The above discussed top 13 search engines offer an alternative to individuals who value online Privacy and wish to avoid the data collection practices associated with mainstream search providers.

While they may not provide the same level of personalization as larger search engines, they prioritize anonymity, security, and transparency in their operations.