August 29, 2023

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Why Must You Use Shopify Apps To Increase Sales?

Sales! Sales! Sales! This is all we hear from every person involved in the business because, after all, business growth or success depends on product or service sales.

Hardly there’s an online store owner on earth who would be okay seeing sales not growing; otherwise, every individual would like to avail every opportunity to skyrocket sales.

So, yes, those who want to compete in the market, enhance customer services, more visibility, and increase branding and revenue must use apps that claim to increase sales.

8 Best Shopify Apps To Increase Your Sales

Now imagine a collection of apps that work like magic portions, sprinkling growth syrup all over your sales strategy. 

Interested? We thought you might be! On this page, we’re peeling back the curtain on the enchanting world of apps, those little helpers with significant impacts. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in this online game, we’re about to spill the beans on how these apps can turn window shoppers into full-blown customers.

So, roll up your sleeves, take a cup of coffee in your hands, and join us on a ride toward the world of apps that can make your Shopify store the talk of the town. Ready to see your sales soar? Let’s go! 

1- OptinMonster

Shopping cart abandonment for online stores is one of the biggest hurdles in increasing sales, and for this reason, we have good news for you there’s an app that can rescue you.

OptinMonster is one of the leading apps available to install in the Shopify app store that is focused on increasing sales, regaining customers, and uplifting your marketing game.

It is a toolkit specialized in performing multiple jobs for you under a single platfrom, such as growing email lists and generating leads, discounted wheels, and product recommendations to uplift sales.

Easy To Operate

  • This app frees you from coding and designer problems as its drag-and-drop builder helps you start campaigns with pre-made templates, create your designs, and customize customer messages.
  • Moreover, it is usable across many platforms, such as Shopify, Big Commerce, and many more, with excellent customer support and optimizability for all devices. 

Target Everyone Everywhere 

  • OptinMonster lets you choose the campaign style from lightbox pop-ups, sidebars, and countdown timers to playbooks.
  • With its smart trigger technology, you can target the right customer at the right time, including location-based targeting, page targeting, cookie targeting, and retargeting.

Improve Sales Strategy

  • This platfrom provides data visualization and detailed reports on customer and financial actions to convert clicks into sales.
  • Conversion analytics, financial transparency, automated personalization, and new offer campaigns help you improve and upgrade your strategy to increase revenue and sales.

2- PushEngage

From Aeroplanes to Tesla, we all love to run things on autopilot, so why not use this for your Shopify store and free yourself from the continuous stress of increasing sales by running it on autopilot?

PushEngage is the app that allows you to shift your sales strategies on autopilot mode. It is one of the most cost-effective and powerful push notification software.

You can customize display messages and send automated abandoned cart notifications to optimize marketing, increase traffic to your online store and boost user engagement. 

Customization & Personalizaton

  • You can style and design push notifications to send and display personalized messages using visitors’ names, addresses, hobbies, or other information.
  • Customers are more likely to visit your store and purchase as they will get all announcements through a pop-up without giving personal sign-up information.

Campaigns and segmentation

  • You can separate the visiting audience based on their viewing page and from which device and location to send notifications at an optimal time.
  • Moreover, you can send a series of web push notification campaigns according to location, language, and time zone based on the scroll page % and click on a link, button, or image.

Data-Driven Decisions

  • With the advanced analytics feature, you can track, view, and analyze revenue from each push campaign and notification and glance at all the actionable data that can derive traffic and sales.
  • You can set any custom goal tracking for any step you take to grow your sales, as data-driven decisions are more likely to provide promising results in terms of growth and sales. 

 3- TrustPulse

Purchasing decision is always a tricky step for customers viewing your product or services, and all they need is the trust and some surety of others before buying from your store.

In this regard, TrustPusle is a marketing platform that can help you convert views into clicks and build trust and loyal customers, ultimately increasing your store sales.

It helps you provide social proof to your customers, increasing their trust in your store and their chances of purchasing whenever they view your product or services. 

Tracking & Notifications

  • It offers to show live streams or demos of every action or event on your website.
  • You can place their “on-fire” notification on hot-selling items to show customers how many others are buying the same stuff as you.

Flexible Designing & Targeting

  • Allows you to design and customize messages to make attractive notifications with personalized colors and images that match the look of your online store.
  • You can show your social proof notification at the scheduled or right time at the right place to boost conversion. 

Easy Use & Integration 

  • No requirements for coding from installing to operating, with an easy setup process within 5 minutes.
  • Moreover, you can use it across multiple websites as it seamlessly integrates with Shopify, WordPress, Woo commerce, Squarespace, and many more.

4- LiveChat

Customer satisfaction is vital in increasing sales and building loyal customers who buy your products.

LiveChat is an excellent Shopify app to assist in communicating with customers 24/7, enhancing purchasing experience, and getting better feedback, establishing you as a reputable business.

You can communicate with customers or let them chat whenever they want with you. Moreover, you can see what is in their cart, helping you understand their concern more deeply.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Its feature lets you see who is visiting your website and decide the most suitable way to start assisting them.
  • You can increase your interaction with the customer with coupons, deals, discount offers, and announcements.

Boost Online Sales

  • It helps you reduce cart abandonment cases by letting you access the customer’s cart as soon as they come to chat.
  • You can make product recommendations and browse inventory on customer asking, giving you a chance to increase your order value. 

Track your performance

  • LiveChat platform provides detailed reports and tracking data on how your customer services are going.
  • This app helps you improve customer satisfaction strategies and enhance service efficiency by integrating over 200 apps.

5- Instafeed

You can establish your online store as a social proof with some help collaborating your store with Instagram, a social media platform.

Instafeed is a Shopify app that smooths ads and displays Instagram feeds for your products to help you convert visitors into customers.

You can grow your audience on Shopify and social platforms and operate your Instafeed app using your Shopify admin panel. 

Prepare Shoppable Feed

  • Displays photos for products fetched from Instagram, add tags under images, create reels and autoplay videos, and shows likes that establish your store as social proof for customers.
  • It automates the Instagram photo publishing process and updates your store content with zero coding skills requirements.


  • You can tag multiple products on your Instagram post and filter your post’s hashtags.
  • Instafeed built customizable grids, optimized layout, columns,s and rows for mobile users, and showed posts on sliders. 

Visitors to customers

  • Showing Instagram reels and photos of your store product build trust or social proof for people visiting your Shopify store. 
  • Moreover, you can turn those customers into your new Instagram followers, which increases your passive income sources.

6- UpPromote

You can boost your promotional strategy and widen your marketing strategies across different channels using UpPromote software.

UpPromote is an app that lets you create an affiliate program for your store that promotes your app on different platforms for which you only have to pay when these affiliates make a sale.

Moreover, this app helps you get the full benefit of influencer and affiliate marketing by creating its referral programs in a cost effective way.

Keep Track of Everything 

  • It provides affiliates with a registration form on your store landing page to join the affiliate program and let them promote your store products and services.
  • UpPromotes keep track of all the links created in affiliate programs and automates your paying process for those resulting in sales. 

Encourage Repeat Purchases

  • UpPromote creates customer referral programs to encourage repeat purchases among customers by offering rewards and discounts. 
  • It uses pop-up notifications after purchasing to attract customers to join referral programs. 

Brand Awareness

  • Affiliate and referral programs are suitable for your marketing strategies as it widens your reach and make your store visible to more people.
  • In addition, more visibility means more traffic to your store with increased chances of more orders and checkout. 

7- Vajro

Studies have revealed that most customers use mobile phones for online shopping, so to access and facilitate them with the best experience, you must design your online store to keep them in mind.

To make this all easy and catch the attention of all mobile users, there is a mobile app building platform for you in the Shopify store under the name “Vajro.”

Vajro is a famous mobile app builder specially built for newbie online store owners to help them grow their businesses.

Customize Your Mobile App

  • You can style your store with customizable colors, fonts, prebuilt themes, multiple product display options, and other elements.
  • Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to design and build a mobile store in hours that perfectly matches the look and feel of your store, even if you do have coding knowledge. 

Push Notification

  • It offers to send personalized push notifications or messages for discounts and offers in text, gif, or image form at optimal times to maximize the chances of sales.
  • In addition to the above, you can connect your store with your social media pages, including Facebook, to live stream product demos, descriptions, and store announcements.

Global Reach 

  • Vajro can increase your global reach with over 18 language options that help you customize the app for diverse audiences.
  • Moreover, it provides more than 82 currencies option freeing customers from calculation and conversion problems. 

8- Referral Candy

If you want to replace the cost of advertisement with an easy and cost-effective promotional way for branding your store, then you must try the Referral Candy Shopify app.

Referral Candy is one of the best cost-effective marketing apps for sales growth and increased brand visibility among consumers.

This platform helps your Shopify store attract and bring more customers, increasing the number of purchases through referrals, affiliate marketing, and rewards options.

Customers as Brand Ambassadors

  • This platfrom sends customers automated invitation messages for referral programs after they purchase from your store.
  • Customers who join get links to share with friends to promote the brand and products and, in return, get custom rewards, discounts, cash, and credits.

Access to key metrics

  • You can watch and monitor all the referral or affiliate program’s performance which lets you know the number of customers joining, referred traffic, and generated revenue from it.
  • Moreover, you can detect any fraud activity, like leaked codes, to ban suspicious transactions in your referral program.

Influencer Marketing

  • Referral Candy’s newly launched feature can supercharge your marketing effort by combining the power of social media with your store.
  • It helps you find the right influencer on the social media platform to help you promote your Shopify brand to the right audience.

Whether you are new in the Shopify business or already a well-established Shopify store owner, you all can amplify your success with these 8 different apps available in the Shopify store.

All in all, by using all these apps, you can increase your sales, grow your revenue, enhance customer experience, bring organic traffic, attract a diverse audience, and widens your marketing game.